Yes, my parents named me after a Dr Who character. Glad we cleared that up.

I’m Sarah-Jane Collins, and I’m not able to time travel (dammit).

A few years ago Facebook made you write something pithy to go in a box beneath your profile picture – remember that? No? You probably complained when they changed it. Anyway, mine was “Without deadlines and coffee, I’d never get anything done”. It’s the truest thing I’ve ever written about myself.

I’m a journalist. I’ve worked for The Age Newspaper and The Global Mail, and I’ve written across politics, courts, education, environment, science, technology and culture. Once I got to report on Melbourne’s top five dumpling houses. That was a career high.

Right now I’m working for Fairfax Media and doing some freelance stuff too.

I’m from Brisbane (yes, I like pineapples in savoury settings) and I currently live in Sydney, after five years in Melbourne. If you want to know my position on the Sydney v Melbourne question, you’ll have to buy me a drink first (lets just say it’s complicated).

This blog is for my writing, about whatever takes my fancy, and I might try to share some of the best things I’ve read elsewhere too.

You can follow me on twitter here. Please do.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for your article in the SMH today about the value of Marijuana Tincture in chronic pain relief. I am hoping that you can provide me with additional information or point me in the right direction to find the information I require.

    My dad (an ex-GP now aged 87) has had a number of back operations and suffers from severe pain. He uses an Oxycontin patch which is moderately effective. We both read the article and were heartened by the said value of the marijuana tincture to provide effective pain relief without the psychoactive side effects.

    I understand that this is yet to be fully tested. I also noted that a number of GPs prescribe the drug and that it may be obtained legally.

    We are not sure how this can be obtained and whether in its current form if there are product standards to ensure quality and reliability.

    Are you able to advise:

    – if any studies are available on the effectiveness and safety of the tincture.
    – Where can it be obtained. My dad’s physician is ok with it but is not aware how this can be obtained. I note that Tony Bower sells this but are there standards he has to adhere to so that the product is safe.

    Many thanks

    Leon Muller

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